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The East Africa Community is WILDLABS very first regional hub, created to provide an interactive space for Conservation tech players in East Africa to connect, collaborate, share resources and answer questions. 


Gender Equality in Conservation

Meet the women and men supporting gender equality in conservation #tech. Here is a panel discussion the Women in Conservation Tech (WiCT) led in November 2022, during the EarthRanger User Conference (ERUC). Opening up...

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Africa in Conservation Biology

Society for Conservation Biology just launched their "Africa in Conservation Biology" platform, designed to enhance the visibility of African and/or Africa-based conservation professionals.

Could be a great place to find funding, networking, and professional development opportunities!


Reasonable price for drone pilot (south africa)?

Hi everyone, A colleague is looking for a cost check on going rates for drone pilots in South Africa. Is £500-£700 a day reasonable? They'd be flying drones in a project to...

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I am no expert, but I'd be curious about the answers. I mean if that is a reasonable amount, I am going to buy me one and change career. ;-)

Perhaps it is reasonable considering that the number of jobs they get throughout the year is low and I guess that training with official certificate is not cheap.

Another consideration : non-toy drones do not come cheap. If they bring their own and take the risk of loosing it.

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Join us for Tech Tutors: East Africa

The WILDLABS Tech Tutors are here to answer your ‘How do I do that?’ questions of conservation technology. This season, our expert speakers will cover tools and topics that help address conservation challenges unique...

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Live Q&A Discussion on Ceres Tag: An animal monitoring Solution!

Hey Everyone,Are you ready for this next Live Q&A Session? If you're looking for an effective animal monitoring solution, you might want to Join us here in a few minutes...

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Is there any sort of automatic drop-off mechanism for the tags? Or does the animal need to be re-captured to take the tag off?

Hi Carly,

There are no built in automatic drop-off mechanism for the tags. We do have customers that have purchased and incorporated the tag into different types of harness and collars. 

Happy to discuss further with you to understand your use case. Head over to and there is a "let's talk" button. 

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The Variety Hour: November

Join our November Variety Hour to learn about Club Arribada, an after-school conservation tech training programme in Principe, discover how you can use our new Conservation Tech Training and Education Group, and hear...

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Key Takeaways: Building the East Africa community!

As we wrap up Year 1 of building the East Africa community, here are a few of my key takeaways and my vision for the community. Moving forward, I hope you can find opportunities through this network, to contribute to...

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Asante sana Netty. This is an amazing platform and community. 
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Ceres Wild Rhino application 

An update on Ceres Tags products that are being used in conservation 

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Some updates and a news report on the Malilangwe Trust application of devices; Ceres Trace and Ceres Wild
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RCMRD Map Competition 2022

Through this Competition, RCMRD aims to enhance the role of Geo-conservation in Protected Areas Management and Environmental Conservation. With a Total Prize Tag of 10,000 Euros, participants will be required to use...

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Developer, Mara Elephant Project

Mara Elephant Project is looking to hire a developer to be based full-time in Nairobi at the Mara Elephant Project office located on Karen. The role will also require frequent field visits to the project HQ located in...

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Live Q&A Discussion on EarthRanger: All you need to know about the system! 

Hey everyone,If you’re looking for a #tech4wildlife tool to manage your field data in a single system, this may be the solution you’re looking for!Joining us in a few minutes for...

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Thank you so much for leading this Q&A session @kennedy_muriithi and for your time. It was lovely hosting you and I believe the community has learnt a lot about the EarthRanger system.

If you have any questions for Kennedy, kindly drop them anytime in this discussion thread- he is more than happy to answer all your questions!

Thank you Kennedy and see you all in our next Q&A session. We will be exploring an interesting conservation technology topic and featuring an amazing speaker, so stay tuned. See you next time!

Hello Kennedy,

Many thanks for sharing your experiences with ER.

Does ER support integration with Qgis  and Arc gis desktop or its only configured to support Arcgis online only?

@Ann_Wambui , Qgis and ArcGis Desktop are stand alone apps that are useful in coming up with geojson files and/or shapefiles that store the location, shape, and attributes of geographic features. 

Earthranger does provide a mechanism to upload these geojson and/or shapefiles so that the geographic features stored within these files can be visualized on Earthranger. 

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Earth Ranger Projection

hi guys,so i was working on a map and i was trying to pick certain points from earth ranger on loading them to arc pro the projection shifted to another area we have looked into...

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Hi Turu, 

To be able to assist you, I would like to understand the following first:

1. What feature of data did you export/get from EarthRanger? i.e shapefile? CSV? etc.

2. What coordinate system was your data from EarthRanger?

2. When plotting did you match/project with the correct coordinate system?

3. Do you think there was an active layer with a different projection system in your work frame? 

4. Did you check whether your work frame projection was correct to match what you were plotting?

HI benard sorry am replying late,and yes i the data was exported as shapefile 2.i used same projection which is 37N WGS 84 on both apps and still the exported shape file projection read away from the wanted location 

funny story is,the exported shapefile pins quite well when using QGIS but then on ARC GIS pro i don't get what the issue is


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