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Video: Discover the SMART Approach

The Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) Partnership combines a ranger-based data collection tool with capacity building and a suite of best practices aimed at helping protected area and wildlife managers better monitor, evaluate and adaptively manage their patrolling activities. Recorded in June 2016, this talk is well worth a watch if you're interested in applying the SMART approach in your work. 

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The SMART Partnership is a group of global conservation organizations that share a mission to conserve biodiversity, reduce the impacts of illegal extraction and trade of natural resources, strengthen law enforcement related to biodiversity conservation, and strengthen overall management of conservation areas. Central to the Partnership is the SMART software tool, which is aimed at monitoring, evaluating and improving the effectiveness of site-based wildlife law enforcement and management efforts.

Presented by Barney Long, Emma Stokes, Jonathan Palmer and Alexa Montefiore, this talk explains the origins of SMART, offers case studies of successful applications and outlines future development plans for the methodology. The session concludes with an interactive Q&A session, which offered the opportunity to delve deeper into the practicalities of implementing SMART. 

To find out more about SMART, visit Alexa Montefiore's complementary case study about SMART in our Resources section.

Job Opportunity

The SMART Partnership is seeking applicants for a position as the SMART Partnership Manager. The position will be hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the candidate must have excellent skills in conservation, communication, grant writing and reporting. If you're interested, visit the WILDLABS.NET job posting to find out more. 

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