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I have not looked into that. Thank you so much!
Camera Traps, Data management and processing tools 2 hours 39 minutes ago
Hello Wildlabers!I am trying to break into the ocean conservation tech world, and would love to hear about your tales of triumph breaking...
Early Career 4 hours 15 minutes ago
Hi Stephan,Good to know you have considered the OpenCollar trackers. It is true that currently we do not provide the CollarEdge for new deployments on lion. We have found that...
Sensors 4 hours 33 minutes ago
ooooh! Not sure when I'll be getting to Kigali still, but definitely interested in at least the networking event! Might be a last minute addition to the workshop if I get down...
Community Base 8 hours 11 minutes ago
Carly, that would be great! Thanks! I work with soundscapes and love the work of Rainforest Connection! I'll send you an email (@CUNY) to coordinate!
Acoustic Monitoring, AI for Conservation, Conservation Tech Training and Education, Drones, eDNA & Genomics, Emerging Tech, Remote Sensing & GIS 9 hours 46 minutes ago
Hi @tessa_rhinehart Apologies, only just saw this message. Did you end up getting the firmware. I know the Frontier Lab guys and can possibly reach out to them if you are...
Acoustic Monitoring 10 hours 8 minutes ago
The Arts, Culture, Technology and Climate Change. Do they have a place together and can they successfully intersect to generate new...
Climate Change, Community Base, East Africa Community, Emerging Tech, Software and Mobile Apps 13 hours 24 minutes ago
Nearly the year anniversary - Just 29 days away from when I first wrote this reply! We have made some major updates and also we are bringing forward new productsAll of Ceres Tags...
Climate Change 1 day 18 hours ago
I will be there! No booth or anything but I will bring along some FieldKits (both terrestrial and underwater). I would love to meet up for a conservation tech happy hour. I think...
Community Base 1 week ago
OK, thanks!
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Camera Traps, Autonomous Camera Traps for Insects 1 week 1 day ago
Hi Donya! You might check out the Conservation Tech Directory to see what projects/organizations/tools best align with your interests and skills.
Acoustic Monitoring, AI for Conservation, Camera Traps, Drones 1 week 2 days ago
Hello Donya :) Welcome to WILDLABS! Great to hear about your experience as a machine learning developer and interest in volunteering to help the planet using AI. I...
Early Career 1 week 3 days ago