WILDLABS is the global, open online community dedicated to conservation technology. 


WILDLABS is the central hub for conservation technology online, connecting 6,000+ conservationists, researchers, field biologists, engineers, developers, makers, and #tech4wildlife experts from around the world! With huge challenges like wildlife crime and  poaching, climate change, deforestation, and extinction threatening ecosystems around the world, it’s more important than ever for conservationists to have access to the tools, resources, and networks needed to rise to those challenges. 

With a growing range of programmes focused on sparking conversations and ideas, providing our community with the resources and skills to put those ideas into motion, and supporting innovation, WILDLABS is the launching pad for meeting conservation’s biggest challenges with conservation. technology’s boldest solutions.

“There’s much more to it than just learning one new skill and going on your way. It really is about this network of trading ideas and skills, and finding where everyone fits into the bigger picture.” 

Carly Batist 

The WILDLABS platform and its many programmes are designed with conservation tech users and makers in mind. Using our community-based research as a guide, WILDLABS aims to create a space where questions can be answered, ideas can turn into collaborative projects, and innovations can turn into solutions. By understanding where conservation technology is headed, what barriers community members face in leveraging technology effectively, and how technology can still improve, WILDLABS is able to offer programmes that address the community's needs and lift their work to a new level. 

WILDLABS has four key programmatic areas: 

  1. Community Programme
  2. Events Programme
  3. Research Programme
  4. Fellowship & Award Programme

Our global community of conservation technology makers is collaborative, innovative, and supportive. By uniting this wide and diverse network of experts with every type of technology imaginable to study and protect a huge range of species and environments on every continent around the world, WILDLABS provides the platform and programmes needed to help this powerful community shape the future of our field. 

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To learn more about our community and upcoming programmes, watch our recent community call: 


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